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Give the Gift of Digital Mentorship


Three 5-week online sessions--winter, spring, summer 2021--where participants collaborate and create music, music videos, and podcasts with professional, inspirational mentors.  Instead of bands, the participants will create “fams.”  At the end of each session, content will be shared on a youth-produced online streaming episode/event called “Willie Mae T.V.!”

How your tax-deductible support will make Digital Mentorship happen:

$50 = Wifi Champ: Help provide wifi access for youth who don’t have it where at home

$150 = Class Pass: All access to one 5-week Digital Mentorship pack of events for one student

$300 = Cool School-Year Pass: All access to both Winter and Spring 5-week Digital Mentorship pack of events for one student​

$500 = Backstage Pass: Provides a student all access to one year of Willie Mae Future Sounds programs and events (2021 Winter, Spring, and Summer), including:

  • Digital Mentorship Program 

  • Willie Mae Presents (speaker/performance Q&A series)

  • Independent studies with Willie Mae Mentors along with regular one-on-one check-ins 

  • Student work on Willie Mae TV

  • Purchaser’s name will be featured in Willie Mae TV credits and receive a shoutout on social media and WMRC website

$1000 = Bridge the Digital Divide: Help us “bridge the digital divide” and offer laptops, tablets, and hotspots so that all students have the opportunity to log in and rock out.

$5000 = Session Sponsor Superstar: As we program through the pandemic, gifts at this level help us meet the moment and offer tuition assistance and pay equity to our teaching artists and professional mentors for one 5-week session. At this level you will make sure that every student who wants a Digital Mentorship can participate, making sure that all students who want to log on and rock out can. Without your support at this level we wouldn’t be able to provide tuition assistance and equity wages for Teaching Artists.