Rhythm & Voice

Rhythm & Voice is our free after-school and in-school program in which teen girls and/or gender non-binary youth in grades 6-12 work with an exceptional WMRC music educator once a week, at each of 3 different partner schools that are a part of the The Young Women's Leadership Schools (TYWLS) network. Whether working after-school or in-school, our educators are able to weave together instrument & vocal instruction, teaching performance techniques, and more formal skills in reading music and notation.


Most importantly, our instructors work diligently with students and their teachers to create a meaningful community that centers the creativity and contributions of women and/or gender non-binary artists and musicians. This powerful combination of art and social justice is critical to the continued success of these programs.

Photo: 2016, bucket drumming instruction TYWLS Queens, Christina

Rhythm & Voice continues a proud tradition at the TYWLS sites in the Bronx and Queens, and Brooklyn. Approximately 90 girls and/or gender non-binary youth participate in Rhythm & Voice across the three schools. About 90% of the students at these schools identify as people of color, and we are intentional in hiring teaching artists who similarly identify. In doing so, we are able to continually provide underrepresented artists with leadership positions, and also provide youth with role models that are often not visible to them.