Community Engagement Workshops

(Fall & Spring)

Produced in tandem with WMRC community partners, the year-round workshop series engages the broader WMRC community of youth and adults, in order to deepen the organization’s commitment to anti-oppression work through the lens of music and political education.

Workshops range from critical dialogues, to art-making, personal growth practice, and more. No previous experience with WMRC or musical instruction necessary. Workshops happen in various locations throughout NYC.

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Examples of previous workshops:

Speak Up! Getting on the Mic: Emceeing and Hosting

This workshop gets your biggest voice out there into the minds of the masses. If you have something to say and you want to sound bold, whether it is on the stage or at a protest, being comfortable as an emcee is key to being heard, and when you’re heard people listen.
All Ages

Forming a Connected Community

This workshop brings together the Adults and Parents in the WMRC community to discuss identity, gender and expression. As campers explore the changing gender landscape, both in their every day lives and at camp over the summer, it’s important that the adults around them are also offered the opportunity to engage with the complex, sometimes challenging issues of gender identity. Parents and Adults Working with Youth

Solidarity Beyond Borders: Transnational Resistance as Healing

This workshop seeks to unpack what it means to stand in solidarity with people of color down your block and beyond colonial borders. Ages 16+ Women/Femme/GNC POC

Bystander Intervention 101

Bystander intervention involves a series of tools that can be consciously employed to defuse volatile situations. In this workshop, participants will learn to successfully and safely disrupt a hostile or aggressive situation they may witness, and to ensure their actions are more helpful than harmful.  Ages 13+

Summer Camp Workshops

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A large portion of a summer camper’s day is spent in workshops. This is where we have a big opportunity to promote WMRC’s message of social justice. Workshops may be taught by individuals, pairs, or small groups.


Summer Workshop leaders can either:

  • Lead one of WMRC’s pre-planned core workshops (topics like Gender Identity, Group Harmony, Band Art and Songwriting). We can provide some materials, but workshop leaders are responsible for putting the content in their own words.

  • Alternately, you can suggest a workshop that you have designed. Workshops relating to music, art, identity, self expression, social movements, community are all welcome.


Part time, days flexible. Workshops take place at various times throughout the camp day. Volunteer workshop leaders may come in for just an hour to teach a single workshop, or teach a multi-session workshop over the course of the week.

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