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Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls (WMRC) is a non-profit music and mentoring program that empowers cisgender and trans girls, women and/or gender nonbinary youth and adults through music education, volunteerism, and activities that foster self-respect, leadership skills, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. 

Willie Mae Future Sounds Summer Camp is two weeks of girls, trans, or gender non conforming youth creating digital content virtually - from collaborative songwriting, to podcasting, to synths, to music production. This all supports our mission of youth creating the sounds of the future and letting themselves be heard, seen, and represented. The students (10-17 years old) will meet for three hours a day, Monday through Friday for two weeks. Monday, July 20th to Friday, July 31st.

Week 1:  The students will participate in interactive workshops facilitated by luminaries in the field.  Each day will end with a live stream performance and Q&A with the pro. The camp will have break out groups, check ins and reflection.


Workshops include

 - Collaborative songwriting 

 - Found sound instrument making

 - Radical podcasting

 - Film making

 - Deep listening & field recording 

 - Blues exploration & Afro-Futurism 

 - Sound wave shaping and beat making

 - Wellness in a world of disruptions

 - Art and Activism

 - Harnessing Social Media as a Medium for Change  

 - Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Ensemble


Week 2:  

The participants will be divided into Family groups called "Fams".  Each Fam will choose a current event or subject to create content about.  Individual Fam members have the freedom to choose how they will contribute to the content presented by their Fam based on skills acquired in the workshops, and what they are interested in trying.


Each Fam will have the opportunity to do a "social media takeover" of Willie Mae Rock Camp accounts, and present the content they created together in camp. 

Application Deadline: July 6th, 2020

Notified by: July 13th, 2020

Week 1: July 20th- 24th

Week 2: July 27th to 31st

11 AM to 2 PM

Location: Online!


  • Camp will be from Monday July 20th to Saturday August 1st. 

  • This is a two week summer from Monday through Friday for those two weeks with a showcase on the last Saturday.

  • Application Deadline is: Monday, July 6th

  • Express Yourself Pieces (more details in the application) are to be sent to info@williemaerockcamp.org after application is submitted for review.

  • Notifications of Enrollment with follow up documents will be Friday, July 10th




Camp is a flat fee of $100. If you are able to pay more, great! You will have the ability to note that in the application. If you need financial assistance, there is space for that as well! We strive to make our programs as accessible as possible for our community. 

Tuition is non-refundable and due by Sunday, July 19th, prior to camp. 


Participants will be creating digital content, using social media, and video conferencing. Our goal is to provide the tools and support for youth to create their own social justice and musical media AND take over Willie Mae Rock Camp's social media platforms. #youthtakeover #futuresounds #buildingourfuture

By participating in this camp, you agree that the work created by the participant will be used within our organization on our website, social media platforms, and other materials. 

The participant's name, voice, likeness may also be a part of recorded materials since we will be using video conferencing for the camp. I understand that the participant's creative work and photo may be used in a wide variety of materials including newsletters, brochures, podcasts, radio and TV broadcasts, fundraising letters, annual reports, websites, social media, and other print and digital communications.

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