In celebration of Black Futures Month, and in support of young people in our community and beyond, Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls presents Willie Mae T.V. - a weekly 30 minute morning show to get the day started right. It includes social emotional centering moments, mindfulness, visualization, youth inspired features, and a mini dance party. 

Watch the Future Sounds Festival, a celebration of women and gender nonconforming artists, Afrofuturism, and music technology:

Live Stream link to share: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJ7BnwKuikk

What is it? A conversation and tech share with a former camper/art and activism fellow and outstanding women in the field sharing their experiences with  empowering expression and music technology. 

Along with the guitar, drums, D.J. decks and the microphone, modular synths are ideal instruments of social change. This year Willie Mae Rock Camp is launching a suite of year round educational programming called Willie Mae Future Sounds, merging rock and roll with S.T.E.A.M.

This Festival, sponsored by Teenage Engineering, was livestreamed to launch the new Willie Mae Future Sounds programming of social justice, afrofuturism, and music technology at the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls in NYC. Future annual Willie Mae Future Sound Festivals will be student-led community music technology celebrations. 

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