Our Team

We are so proud of the amazing people who work tirelessly to make it possible for more girls, women, and/or gender non-conforming rockers to make more noise in the world. 


Kala Brame

Interim Partner Relations & Program Manager

Lola Johnson

Gear Coordinator​

Christina Rodriguez

Program & Operations Coordinator

Rose Thomson

Business Director

Suzanne Cronin Tillman

Interim Executive Director


Rhythm & Soul 2017, Jamie Billett

Board of Directors


Cassandra Bajan

Co-Vice President

Associate Counsel, American Express

Angelika Beener

Music Journalist

Ishwari Bendre

Trader, Bank of America


Sheree Carter-Galvan


Senior Vice President and General Counsel, American Museum of Natural History

DJ CherishTheLuv

Celebrity Audio and Visual DJ

Melissa Garcia

Board President

Senior Director of Finance & Operations, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health


Betsy Humes


Passive House Consultant

Mia Juhng

Co-Vice President

Project Implementation, Campaign Marketing, SiriusXM 

Chiwoniso Kaitano

Executive Director, Girl Be Heard

Lisa Marrocchino

LiGit Solutions, CEO and Principal

Alison Brock McGill

Freelance Consultant

Jessi Olsen

Senior Specialist, Community Engagement, ALL ARTS/WLIW

Sabrina Shulman

Senior Consultant, Brown & Weinraub

Tiffany Wan

Executive Director, Strategy

JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Elizabeth Ward

 Editorial Director, Scholastic Inc.

Advisory Board

Daphne Brooks, Jennifer Callahan (Chair), Veronica Chambers, Wendy Cole, Tiara Jewell, Ruth Keating Lockwood, Nathalie Levine, Jennifer Manly, Annie Paulsen, LaFrae Sci.


The Founder’s Circle


In August 2004, a small band of dedicated women began talking about setting up a rock camp for girls in New York City. Originally dubbed The Working Group, these women worked together for the first time on the east coast in 2005 , and are now known as  the Founders’ Circle:

Maria Cincotta, Ingrid Dahl, Hanna Fox, Suzanne Grossman, Caryn Havlik, Arabella Kauffmann, Ruth Keating Lockwood, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kimberly Perry, Karla Schickele, Rose Thomson.

Photo Credits: Board as of 2017, Photo by Jaime Billet.