Camp intern program

Photo: 2016 Jumpstart after party, Mylo

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What’s a Camp Intern?

If you have attended WMRC summer sessions before and are 16-18 years old at the time of camp, you’re eligible to join the fierce, the serious, the esteemed INTERN CREW.

The WMRC camp interns will use their previous knowledge of Girls Rock Camp to support the experiences of new summer campers, to help make camp happen, and to make camp FUN. Interns decide which roles they want to take on & how they wish to participate in camp. NEW THIS YEAR: Interns will play a significant role in designing the camp experience! This will require pre-camp meetings with WMRC staff that are both in person and online (out of town-ers don’t worry!). Interns will also be given training, ongoing feedback, meaningful responsibility, and lots of love from WMRC staffers and volunteers.


How is this different from being a camper? 

Camp interns are ONLY open to youth who have ATTENDED camp before, AND who are 16-18 years old. Being a camp intern is more like being a volunteer than being camper. You might help teach vocals class all week, co-coach a band, be the week-long gear apprentice, be a social media or spreadsheet expert, or fill other roles that volunteers have traditionally filled. Camp interns do not participate in camp itself, meaning you won’t be attending workshops or be in a band. Being a camp intern isn’t for everyone! If you’d rather participate at camp as a camper, do that! Camp is fun no matter which role you play! #youdoyou


What will I do? 

This internship allows former campers to delve even more deeply into the things you’ve learned at camp before. You’ll be working closely with WMRC staff and alongside experienced volunteers no matter what you choose to do. Here are some of the areas you might choose to work in!


Band Coaching
Instrument instruction
Workshop Facilitation
Assembly & Emcee
Community Care
Media (Photography, Video and Social Media)

Roadie & Gear